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LP Thongsuk 出生名“Suk”來表示,這意味著“幸福”. 師父出生 BE 2420年5月19日. 他的父親的名字是Nai Joo,他母親的名字是Naam. 出生在Hin Lek Fai的南部地區在Petchaburi省在Rama國王王朝五. 他有6個其他兄弟姐妹.
LP Thongsuk 出生名“Suk”來表示,這意味著“幸福”. 師父出生 BE 2420年5月19日. 他的父親的名字是Nai Joo,他母親的名字是Naam. 出生在Hin Lek Fai的南部地區在Petchaburi省在Rama國王王朝五. 他有6個其他兄弟姐妹.
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Luang Pho Thong Suk Coin,Tanod Luang Temple,狂熱的背後 “Luang Por Thongsuk 獎章”,第 2 代Wat Tanot Luang Phetchaburi
LP Thongsuk 出生名“Suk”來表示,這意味著“幸福”. 師父出生 BE 2420年5月19日. 他的父親的名字是Nai Joo,他母親的名字是Naam. 出生在Hin Lek Fai的南部地區在Petchaburi省在Rama國王王朝五. 他有6個其他兄弟姐妹.


The birthname of Luang Phor Thongsuk Wat Tanod Luang is Suk while his family name is Deelerd. He was born on 19th May BE 2420 in Barn TubDtai, Tambon Hin Lekfai, Kweang Muang Phetchaburi during the reign of King Rama V. His father’s name was Mr Joo while his mother’s name was Mrs Tim. His family consists of 6 children. While he was at the age of 9 years old, his parents moved to stay at the area around Wat Potahwad, Ampur Barn Lad as they had relatives over there. Luang Phor Thongsuk would then go to Wat Potahwad where he would study martial arts and Katha Arkhom. As a young boy, he would hang around the temple, assisting monks, bringing them food and help to clean the temple. The monks doted on him, and taught him everything they knew. However he was more interested in other less academic pursuits such as martial arts and the esoteric knowledge of Katha. However, his family would once again relocate to Ampur Wat Pleng, Changwat Rachaburi . By this time, he was a teenager and like most of the people around that age would often get into trouble. Unfortunately, he became a street thug and because of his bravado he soon became a gang chief with a substantial following. Not long after, he found himself wanted by the Police and went on the lam. He escaped to a forest in Phetchaburi. After three excruciating days, and suffering from extreme hunger pangs, he emerged from the forest looking for food. Upon entering the town, he saw people making Khaw Lam (sticky rice mixed with coconut milk and black bean cooked inside bamboo). He asked for the food from the hawker, who promptly fainted at the sight of him. Young Suk’s forest ordeal had perhaps left him more than a little disheveled. He then regretted the state of his life and started to reflect on all the trouble that he had caused and the consequences that his action has yet to bear. In his heart, he knew that the gang life would only get worse and require lots of hardship and suffering.

His status as a fugitive began to die down after several years and he decided to abandon his old ways so he was ordained as a monk. He went to seek the help of his brother, Phra Kaen of Wat Pramot, at Ampur Wat Pleng, Changwat, Rachaburi. At the age of 32, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Pramot. There were 3 senior monks present at his ordination ceremony. Luang Phor Tad Wat Bang Wanthong was his Preceptor, Luang Phor Tui Wat Pramot was his Announcing Teacher/ First Ordination Teacher) and Luang Phor Khong Wat Keaw Charoen was his 2nd Announcing Teacher/ 2nd Ordination Teacher. He resided at Wat Pramot for some time but later on decided that he should travel to Wat Bang Wanthong to learn Vipassana from Luang Phor Tad, Luang Phor Khong Wat Bangkraprom , Luang Phor Piam Wat Kohluk , Luang Phor Nak Wat Hua Hin , Luang Phor Jai Wat Sadej , Luang Phor Toh Wat Koothamsathit. Luang Phor Thongsuk had acquired a large amount of knowledge of the skills and practices, and spent years honing his proficiency in them. He then embarked on Tudong with 2 young Sammanen. He had some amazing and unexplained experiences during his travels. Eventually he arrived at Barn Bangkow, Ampur, Cha-am. The villagers welcomed and respected him and beseech him to remain at Wat Tanod Laung.

At the age of 38, Luang Phor Thongsuk took over from Luang Phor Tian as the abbot. Later he was promoted and given the title of “Phra Kru PhiNid Suttakhun ”. Luang Phor Thongsuk was known to have an aversion to having his photograph taken and would often close his eyes in the pictures. Luang Phor Thongsuk was proficient in Katha and Wicha. It was well known that he was able to help deranged or mentally unsound people to regain their senses. As a result, he had gained many respect from people. There were even stories reported about Luang Phor Thongsuk. One incident occurred when Luang Phor Thongsuk was travelling to officiate the opening ceremony of an Ubosot at Wat Chang TangkraJad . He stopped by a creek to rest at night. Being thirsty from his travel, he decided to drink from the creek. A hunter saw his brown robes in the darkness, and mistook him as a tiger. He panicked and fired two shots but strangely, the gun jammed and was unable to fire any bullets, merely misfiring into an empty chamber. Luang Phor Thongsuk heard the commotion and emerged from the shadows. Only then did the hunter realize his mistake and apologize profusely to him. Another incident occurred at his temple. The relatives of a possessed woman brought her to the temple to seek his help. Upon reaching the temple, one of the relatives hurried ahead to speak to Luang Phor, Thongsuk while the rest remained at the Sala. Upon hearing of what had transpired, Luang Phor Thongsuk closed his eyes and recited some Katha. According to the account, Luang Phor Thongsuk entered a state of intense mental focus (samadhi), where he conversed with the spirit who had possessed the lady. He recited Katha to enable the spirit to end its anguish and turmoil, and pass over

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